Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 4 - Stress: The Gift of Sabbath

I hope this sermon series has been helpful for you. It's been helpful for me to think about what I've been preaching on. Please remember that this doesn't end stress - we'll be dealing with stress throughout our lives. I do hope, though, that you have some tools to handle the stress that inevitably comes. Don't forget that if you have a stress level that is impacting the quality of life there are people like pastors and counselors who are more than happy to talk and work with you. Now a few notes related to this weeks' sermon:

There's some debate about how prolific silence really is. The article I quoted from relies on research by Gordon Hempton, an "acoustic ecologist." As far as I can tell he's the world's leading expert on the subject.

Silence is good, but too much of a good thing is still too much. Even silence.

 Panic attacks are real. They are physiological reactions, not just something made up in a person's mind. If you know someone who has panic attacks, probably the worst thing to do is pretend that they aren't real. At the same time, the best thing for the person having the panic attack is to get distracted from it. When I had panic attacks, I'd try to take a nap (which is hard when you're panicking!). Just like panic attacks are real, so are panic disorders. If you or someone you know struggle with a panic disorder please see a counselor. I can give you references. They are almost always able to be at least somewhat controlled with counselling and/or medication. Depression is also very common in people with panic disorders - another reason to seek treatment!

For a Jewish reflection on Sabbath see this good source.

Wikipedia of all places mentions Leviticus as a source of the practice of crop rotation.

If you ever find this toy, don't buy it!

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